Monday, February 8, 2010

Caption America: New Orleans Super Bowl XLIV

One of the great benefits of the Saints winning Super Bowl XLIV--aside from Peyton Manning not being anointed the greatest quarterback of all time--is that you knew the good people of New Orleans were going to get after it. More than that, you knew that there would be some great shots of said getting after it posted on the Web. Oh, and there were.

As a result I am introducing Caption America, wherein I will troll the Web for great photos and apply captions befitting the subjects. Enjoy.

Actually, I'm not sure if this shot is of the Super Bowl celebration
or Maryann's sacrifice party from True Blood.

This guy got laid after convincing a chick he was holding
the real Vince Lombardi trophy.

Which chick?

This chick.

We just found out there's this thing called the Super Bowl
and that the local team, the Saints, won. Also, we're from Park Slope and love cool shit.

It's probably safe to assume the above group did not party with...

This crew.
By the way, the guy on the far right? Yeah, he's dead now.

Post Super Bowl, Packer fans are still celebrating the Vikings' loss
in the NFC Championship two weeks ago. That's focus.

Even hipsters enjoy a good Super Bowl, ironically of course.


From left to right, that's Charlotte, Deezy, Ron, Urban Warrior, Rey-Rey and Nerf. They just met for the first time tonight, and right after this picture was taken they looted the shit out of that mattress store

Seriously, people. Who the fuck ordered the bourbon and coke?

What's a girl gotta do to get some beads in this town?

Oh yeah.

No, but you can take a picture outside the club.

I am a Saints fan first and a furry...what's tied with first?

No beads yet?

For Christ's sake, I know my left tit is in here somewhere.

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